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The book market is a massive and resilient one. Thanks to regulatory tools such as copyright, fixed book price, and reduced VAT rate, the publishing sector has been able to develop, innovate, and maintain a strong position in the cultural goods market in France.

The French publishing world and its dynamism cause envy all over the world. This ecosystem, which goes from author to reader, also includes players such as publishers, printers, broadcasters, distributors, and also booksellers, librarians, etc. A whole world in which to bring out French creativity and innovation.

Key figures

  • 2nd place in the cultural goods market behind video games
  • Publishers posted a € 2,8 billion turnover in 2019 (+ 5% vs. 2018)
  • There are 3 booksellers in France, a dense network

Industry trends

  • An extremely concentrated sector: the top 5 publishers account for 60% of the market. Hachette and Editis, flagship French publishers, are among the world's top ten leaders in publishing
  • A highly segmented market with variable dynamics: growing segments such as comics, manga, children's literature, or even extracurricular activities ... and other segments that are suffering, such as tourism, dictionaries and encyclopaedias
  • This sector is still not as digitalised as other cultural sectors
  • New uses have emerged to lower the impact of print: there has been a boom in the second-hand market, increased use of recycled paper

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