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Fashion & Design

Textiles and clothing, luxury goods, accessories, leather goods, shoes, eyewear, jewellery, watches, costume jewellery, and beauty (perfumes & cosmetics)

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The "Fashion & Design" field brings together a multitude of industries ranging from clothing to accessories, including beauty and watchmaking, not to mention the entire luxury industry. What do they have in common? They've embodied French know-how for several decades, represent the French Art de Vivre and contribute to France's international influence.

Today, Paris remains the undisputed capital of fashion, luxury and beauty. But to maintain this leadership, players in these sectors must accelerate their digitalisation across the entire value chain, and take CSR stakes into consideration in order to meet consumers' new expectations, in search of meaning and of products that respect the environment.

Key figures

  • € 154 billion, is the turnover for the fashion, luxury goods and accessories sectors in France
  • France represents 25% of global luxury sales
  • France is the world's leading exporter of beauty products

Industry trends

  • The ecological revolution: consumers are searching for meaning and expect companies to integrate CSR issues into their strategy
  • The arrival of new consumers is influencing the market
  • The digital explosion is introducing new production methods, making us rethink the customer experience and transforming the way we buy (second-hand markets, product personalisation and simplification)

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