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Video games

Development, publishing and distribution

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At the crossroads of La French Tech and La French Touch, the global video game market is valued at € 133 billion and brings in more than 2 billion players.

Today, the French ecosystem is recognised for its schools of excellence, as well as for its developers' creativity and know-how. But the French market - made up of publishers, studios, and even independent distributors - remains fragmented and faces many challenges.

Key figures

  • A global € 133 billion market
  • A predominantly mobile market: a nearly 50% market share worldwide
  • Between 2015 and 2020, the sector posted an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 12%, one of the highest among the creative industries

Industry trends

  • Cloud gaming, which thanks to game streaming, can be played intensely and ubiquitously
  • Immersive play, thanks to virtual reality
  • Casual gaming, or video games intended for a large audience of casual gamers
  • The emergence of communities, thanks to the multiplayer approach
  • The co-creation of video games, when the player can influence how the game is developed
  • The massive development of the e-sports industry
  • The use of video game licenses on other formats, in order to extend the experience (cinema, TV series, books, etc.)

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