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Visual Arts & Art de Vivre

Architecture & design, decoration & furnishings, visual arts, gourmet food and culinary design, cultural & living heritage

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Culture & Heritage, Art of entertaining, Gastronomy, Furniture & Decoration, Architecture & Design… La French Touch's many emblematic domains, making up an ecosystem that's unique in the world, that of the "French Art de vivre". Embodied by recognised brands, inspiring designers, and innovative talents, their common DNA is rooted in strong traditional and creative know-how. All of these fields each represent an aspect of the French cultural exception, whose creations are exported, and make France shine throughout the world.

Unequally impacted by the consequences of the health crisis, and competing head-on with increasingly strong foreign competition, this diaspora of creative sectors is unanimously driven by powerful modernity dynamics, through their digital transformation, strong internationalisation stakes, reindustrialisation, as well as the integration of CSR issues to meet new consumer expectations.

Key figures

  • With a VA of nearly € 27 billion (2019), the French art & heritage market ranks 4th place worldwide, but is facing competition from emerging markets.rd place on a global scale, but faces competition from emerging markets.
  • Gastronomy, with a VA of € 6 billion in 2019, is one of the French Art de Vivre standard bearers, and a strong lever for tourism: each year, it brings in nearly 15% of foreign tourist spending in France.
  • In 2020, with a strong revival of interest due to the unusual context, the French spent nearly € 25 billion on furnishing and decorating their homes.

Industry trends

  • A thorough revamping of the museum visitor experience, which is now more immersive and connected, was brought forward due to the health crisis, where many organisations are deploying innovative initiatives in order to rekindle contact with their public: visitor assistance applications, virtual reality exhibitions, digitalisation of collections ... nowadays, museums are modernised and can also be visited thanks to digital technologies.
  • Affected by the COVID-19 crisis, French gastronomy is recovering and reinventing itself through ultra-dynamic FoodTech, driven by the challenges of “eating better”, demands made by many consumers for organic, local, and more sustainable food choices.
  • The furniture & decoration sector's essential transformation: acceleration of digital technologies, multiplication of "direct to consumer" and prescriber models, a keenness to personalise one's home, and environmental awareness is impacting consumption patterns.

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