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La French Touch's
La French Touch

La French Touch addresses the ambitions that the Cultural and Creative Industries have in common, so that they remain pillars of our economy and become part of a vision for the future.

Start a real social and environmental transformation

While the question of our societies' sustainable transformation has been embraced by citizens' rallying and awareness, the ecological emergency is now a driving force for reinventing ourselves.

At the crossroads of many environmental and social issues, mobility, the weight of digital technology, and the impact of overproduction, the Cultural and Creative Industries have a key role to play with regards to this subject.

Support the ecological and social transition of companies in the cultural and creative industries sector, for a more inspiring, environmentally and socially conscious production, whose benefits are measurable

Fashion and Beauty, respectively the XNUMXnd and XNUMXrd most polluting industries in the world, are transforming themselves with the help of new eco-responsible practices, which are closer to consumers' new expectations, who want production methods that respect the planet and offer better conditions for workers.

Review the traditional models of film and audiovisual production in order to promote more sustainable development practices: technical and technological innovations that centralise filming locations (LED wall, “one-stop shop” filming studio), avoiding energy-intensive storage, recycling of filming locations and sets, recovery of production locations and waste, etc.

Raising awareness and changing mentalities also require better consumer awareness, and the cultural and creative industries are actively involved in this. Video games, with its array of immersion possibilities, are a wonderful, engaging, and powerful channel for raising awareness of these issues.

Support the transformation and rebound of CCIs

Industry XNUMX is the XNUMXst century's XNUMXth industrial revolution, the Covid-XNUMX crisis has only accelerated and reinforced the need to support reindustrialisation. The objective is to optimise production chain efficiency thanks to the alliance of software and hardware (software and machines) associated with new technologies (IA, Big Data, IoT).

Applied to the textile industry, Industry XNUMX responds to many crucial issues for La French Touch players. It improves productivity, allowing a reduction in intermediaries and better production fragmentation; enabling the roll out of a more agile production, adapted to small series production, establishing a faster and more connected production; providing a major competitive advantage with powerful economies of scale and supporting the industry in its ecological transition.

Accelerate digital transformation

La French Touch's strategic assets are not immune to the digital tsunami. If brands and know-how, more than ever before, remain a reference amongst an overabundance of offerings, La French Touch's players have no other choice than to integrate digital technologies into their development. From the reputation of a brand to the intellectual property rights of an audiovisual company, all assets have been touched, one way or another, by La French Touch's digital transformation.

Digital technologies are reshaping and boosting creativity. Digital tools used in the creative process open up new sources of inspiration and encourage a new form of design. Traditional players in Music, Film, and Video Games are facing strong disintermediation through self-production and self-distribution, where value lies, more than ever, with designers and content.

Physical channels are no longer the only way to connect with consumers. With the platformisation of business models in the audiovisual, music, and video game sector, the development of omnichannel in the Fashion & Luxury sector, and technical innovations renewing the customer experience (AR/VR, connected objects, social networks), touchpoint digitalisation involves rethinking the traditional CCI value chains.

Block Chain, Metaverse, NFT. The new Web3 protocols open up new and disruptive opportunities for ICCs. France has a role to play in creating a web3 ecosystem. It must also be a pioneer and leader in the production of content and experiences. This is a factor in accelerating the transversality between the verticals of the Touch.

AI & Big Data. New bridges between technological innovations and creative innovations allow a powerful fusion between French Tech and French Touch. In the midst of this transformation, generative AI offers unprecedented creative opportunities, while raising ethical and regulatory issues that companies must skillfully navigate.

Feminization, inclusion and diversity are of crucial importance for the creative industries. By promoting equitable representation, they help reflect the diversity of society, thus strengthening the public's identification with the characters and stories. Additionally, diversity within creative teams drives innovation by bringing varied perspectives, leading to the creation of more original works. This approach also broadens the audience, meets market expectations focused on inclusion, and has a positive impact on society by helping to alleviate stereotypes and promote equality. By integrating these values, creative industries not only promote social justice, but also enhance their cultural relevance and long-term commercial success.

Accelerate the internationalisation and influence of La French Touch companies

An international, entrepreneurial, and territorial economy. The creative economy's sectors constitute a major lever of attractiveness and international influence for France. In 2018, 52 million tourists “consumed” a cultural activity during their stay in France. This flow experienced a considerable increase (+ 71%) between 2013 and 2018. Driven by the advertising, video game, and visual arts sectors, French cultural exports have also grown, on average, twice as fast as total exports (16% for CCIs versus 8% on average for French exports from 2013 to 2016).

Increase CCIs' economic growth to become industry leaders

The cultural and creative industries are strong leaders across all fields, some leading to very high levels of concentration and consolidation across the entire value chain. These systemic players give shape to the Music, Film & Audiovisual, Video Games, as well as Fashion and Luxury goods sectors, thanks to the investment capacities supporting their external growth strategy.

Nevertheless, cultural and creative industries remain agile, enterprising, and innovative sectors. They set themselves apart by their fast paced business creation, seeking ever more differentiating models and positions. Indeed, the creative economy represents 8% of the French start-up ecosystem and stands out because of its higher-than-average fundraising, with an average ticket of € 7,4 million versus € 5,6 million for total Tech entities.

This rich, innovative, and highly entrepreneurial ecosystem promotes dynamic capital movements, where external growth is a lever and a key growth driver.

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