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Film & Audiovisual

Production, distribution, operation & technical industries

Cinema Bg W

A dynamic and powerful industry. Cinema and audiovisual media appeal to audiences in France and around the world. Even though cinema audiences dropped due to the Covid-19 crisis, and the public moved towards VOD and SVOD platforms, France remains a major player in film and audiovisual creation. Films, TV series, documentaries ... content has become king.

To maintain this trend, the sector must innovate, prepare itself to scale up and reach critical size, and better export itself.

Key figures

  • In 2019, the television market posted a turnover of € 12 billion and the film market, € 4 billion
  • more than 300 French films are distributed each year in French cinemas
  • 17 million people subscribed to VOD / SVOD services at the end of 2019, the consumption of audiovisual content has risen sharply since the COVID-19 crisis

Industry trends

  • The explosion of non-linear video content is thoroughly changing the sector's value chain
  • We are witnessing the appearance of multifaceted innovations (formats, content, technologies, creation & development processes, financing and production methods) to meet growing public demand
  • The sector's internationalisation is increasing the intensity of competition and accelerating the transformation of the sector's players

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